Kelly Bowen

love by the letters

a regency anthology


Be careful what you wish for...

For three couples, a letter promising an anonymous gift of wealth offers worldly success and dreams come true, provided each pair can learn not only to work together, but also to see differences as strengths.


A is for Amorous by Grace Burrowes

B is for Beautiful Secret by Vanessa Riley

C is for Charlie's Angel by Kelly Bowen

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C is for Charlie's Angel - Kelly Bowen

Henry Blackmore has always been the black sheep of the family.  He's defied his ducal family, ignored expectations, and overcome tragedy to chase his own dreams of becoming a renowned architect.  The only task standing between his fierce ambition and everything he's ever wanted is the restoration of his family's crumbling country manor, Greybourne House.  But first, he has to do something about Greybourne’s impossible steward.

Greybourne was essentially abandoned when Maeve Murray became steward of the estate after the death of her father.  When Henry arrives with his pockets full of money, Maeve is delighted - until she realizes that the money is not to help the struggling tenants.  Unfortunately, they need each other.  And working together might just restore more than a crumbling manor - it might restore two broken hearts.